The famous of vine tattoos

Vine tattoos – Tattoos are a very popular form of self-expression today. Although it is quite an ancient form, it is more popular and today. Tattoos are made by men and women are more commonly seen in teenagers and young adults. However, there are several models and options to choose from, it becomes really difficult to zero down for a tattoo design. Tattoos are of two types, permanent and semi-permanent. [...]

Amazing Skull Finger Tattoo

Attractive Finger Tattoo Designs

Most people do not consider to put any tattoo on a certain area like the fingers. In fact, the perfect choice of shape and design will give you a beautiful and cute looks on your hand. Tell you what; there is a funny yet romantic story about Chester Bennington, the vocalist of rock alternative band Linkin Park. Back to few years ago when he got married, he got no money [...]

Tattooed Women pics

Tattooed women, feel the change

Tattooed women, feel the change Want to change your look this season? Be cool; get cool tattoos done to get that extra fashion spark. Getting a tattoo done is a fabulous option in modern times and would certainly be an astounding experience.  Getting tattoos done all over the body is really in and would definitely be quite an eye candy. To curtail the daily monotone also, getting tattooed has always [...]

Tattoo Ideas for Girls: Calling for Attention

Tattoo ideas for girls – Tattoos have existed in the human society since the prehistoric times. However in the contemporary times there has been an undeniable splurge in imprinting tattoos, among both men and women. Hardly in the last decade, or so, wearing tattoos reflected a true-blue renegade. However, in the context of present times, a tattoo is more like an identifying statement that reveals an individual. Tattoo ideas for [...]

vikings tattoos designs

Vikings and nodric culture inspirational tattoos ideas

Inspirational tattoos – People usually get tattoos to express a sense of connection to a concept, place, topic or culture. If you are a patriot proud of your Viking origin, amateur specialist mythology Norse sagas, or you just feel drawn to the rich Scandinavian history, a Viking style tattoo will be, for everyone to see, a sign of your loyalty to this fierce and fascinating culture. Odin Design a tattoo [...]

Small tattoo ideas – be sleek

Choose a Small tattoo ideas Gone are those days when big sized tattoos were in. Today how sleek you make them appear, better it is. More and more customers wanting to get tattooed are always looking out for small tattoo ideas. The best part of such tattoo designs are that it enables you to hide the tattoo when you are at your workplace or at an official gathering. Although big [...]