The famous of vine tattoos

Vine tattoos – Tattoos are a very popular form of self-expression today. Although it is quite an ancient form, it is more popular and today. Tattoos are made by men and women are more commonly seen in teenagers and young adults. However, there are several models and options to choose from, it becomes really difficult to zero down for a tattoo design. Tattoos are of two types, permanent and semi-permanent. [...]

Watercolor tattoo for all

Tattooing is an ancient practice of carrying marks and badges of honor. Warriors got them when they won a battle; tribal leaders wore them to show authority and power. With time it has acquired newer meanings. Sporting an ancient tribal tattoo, you can show deep seated respect to your ancestors.  In a group, it can show your rank, status or authority. You can flaunt your nature or persona by wearing [...]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Arabic tattoos

Best public figure with arabic tattoos

Arabic tattoos – Arabic tattoos are definitely in vogue in the world of the rich and famous. And I do not mean temporary tattoos like henna. This is perhaps surprising because you can hardly see any tattoos in the Arab world. But in the west tattoos are nothing more disreputable. Nowadays, a tattoo says nothing about the social status of the tattooed person. Lately, actresses like Angelina Jolie, football players [...]

Bird tattoo designs for Women

The meaning of each bird tattoo designs

The meaning of each bird tattoo designs Chirping birds give the garden of life and many have small feathered creatures at his home. However, not only as a pet birds parrots or popular, but it is also as a tattoo motif. Bird tattoo designs are often very colorful and lively. There are also a wide variety of bird species available. The birds are not only beautiful, but also have profound [...]

3D Lion Tattoos for Men on Shoulder

Masculine Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder Tattoos for Men – This next discussion is definitely suitable for men have well-built body and practiced-muscles. This next tattoo idea will obviously expose your strong muscles more. The idea is by putting shoulder tattoos and see how their effects toward your physical performance. You may put any tattoo design there which of course the one that you love and fits your body well. Shoulder tattoos for men can [...]

Scott Campbell: the all-time-great talent in tattooing

With an orthodox Baptist background, the family members wanted him to become a medical adviser or instructor but destiny had something different in mind. Eventually, the boy who had studied biochemistry at the University of Texas later famed as an international figure and one of the most brilliant crafts in the arena of tattooing. Yes, this prominent person is none but Scott Campbell who was born and brought up in [...]