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The famous of vine tattoos

Vine tattoos – Tattoos are a very popular form of self-expression today. Although it is quite an ancient form, it is more popular and today. Tattoos are made by men and women are more commonly seen in teenagers and young adults. However, there are several models and options to choose from, it becomes really difficult to zero down for a tattoo design. Tattoos are of two types, permanent and semi-permanent. [...]

Lily tattoos – all about this tattoos

Flowers are nice to look at and bring color to the environment. Similarly, a flower tattoo can bring color and youthfulness to your body art. Although originally considered feminine, more and more people are opting for a flower tattoo. One of the beautiful flower tattoos that you may want to consider are the lily tattoos. Although the lily tattoos are not considered to be the mainstream tattoo, they are still [...]

Tattoos of Stars

You want to do a tattoo but at a loss to choose a design. Certainly it happens. After all you want something special to baffle your peer groups. Choosing a design is the most important thing that requires an amount of understanding. Being in the dark about the design is not the right thing. While choosing a design, you must consider the meaning and significance of the design that you [...]

Cloud Tattoos: Look before You Leap

The tradition of getting tattoos is firmly rooted in the long ancient past. The practice of getting a design inked on the body part is nothing new. Interestingly, the practice of body art is getting redefined and revised with the passage of time. People from corners of the world are showing interest to indulge in this quaint practice. In fact who does not want to look good? And when you [...]

lips tattoo for women

Lips Tattoo: The Latest Trend

Tattoos are no longer limited to tribes living in the remote areas. With the emergence of varying designs and symbols, tattoos are becoming popular day by day and quite understandably the popular art has crept into the mainstream of our culture. If you are browsing around and are looking for a range of Body Ink Art, you have every reason to get stumbled upon Lips Tattoo, the newest craze. People [...]

Stars on the Elbow Tattoos

The elbow tattoos

Elbow tattoos – There are many questions as to the tattoos on his elbows, like: What do the tattoos on the elbow? How much does a tattoo hurt on the elbow? What are the best designs for tattoo on the elbow? The elbow is a very special place in tattoos, has many unique features and indeed in recent years has become a very popular tattoo area. Although not many know, [...]