Vine Tattoos with Names

The famous of vine tattoos

Vine tattoos – Tattoos are a very popular form of self-expression today. Although it is quite an ancient form, it is more popular and today. Tattoos are made by men and women are more commonly seen in teenagers and young adults. However, there are several models and options to choose from, it becomes really difficult to zero down for a tattoo design. Tattoos are of two types, permanent and semi-permanent. [...]

Spine Tattoos: Redefined Version of Art

What else can be the best form if not the tattoo? Certainly spine tattoos are one of the natural choices when it comes to body art. The tattoo is mainly a traditional form of art which is quite in practice among the tribes. Even a few years ago tattoos used to be considered for the bad guys. People who used to have tattoos were supposed to be ruffians. However, with [...]

Turtle tattoo, get noticed

Get Turtle tattoo Tattoo is a fantastic medium which helps one to immediately grab attention amidst a crowd. These are tools that provide you a really coveted podium to display your fashion skills. By wearing one you will definitely be able to be the center of attraction. Whatever design you choose, a tastefully designed tattoo will help you sparkle and will add a new dimension to your overall persona. A [...]

Pit-bull tattoo!!!!

A pit-bull tattoo in earlier days used to convey an image of aggressive behavior, power and strength. Today they are more of a loyal companion than a working dog. However they are equally loving and caring. In fact, because of their behavior for children, they are called “nanny dog”. Dogs are great companions of humans. They are loyal and friendly. They can bring positive energy and are a much welcomed [...]

Watercolor tattoo for all

Tattooing is an ancient practice of carrying marks and badges of honor. Warriors got them when they won a battle; tribal leaders wore them to show authority and power. With time it has acquired newer meanings. Sporting an ancient tribal tattoo, you can show deep seated respect to your ancestors.  In a group, it can show your rank, status or authority. You can flaunt your nature or persona by wearing [...]

Half Sleeve Tattoos for Women Turning Sexy Babes Sexier

Half sleeve tattoos for women – Tattoos, as everybody knows, are a unique way to modify our physical appearances. This style of decking up the bodies has turned into a popular fashion statement in the present times. People, irrespective of age and gender, are turning up at the tattoo parlours in the gross, in order to define their respective identity statements. Tattoos, undeniably, contribute to our physical attraction, provided, creative [...]