Peace and Love Tattoo Symbol ON wrist

Lovely Wrist Tattoos for Woman and Couple

Until today, I still consider a woman with cute wrist tattoos as a representation of a modern and ideal type. The tattoo seems like a centerpiece for my eyes. I do believe that most of men will consider the same. If you are a beautiful and energetic woman who is considering to put a sweet painting on your body, then these cute wrist tattoos can be your number one alternative [...]

Cool Hand Tattoos for Men

Awesome Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand Tattoos for Men – Hand is the most selected spot among the tattoo user. Men and women who really like tattoo will choose hand to apply the tattoo. Today we will give you the idea of Hand tattoos for men. This design will make you look great. You can choose your right or left hand. Choosing the right and left hand has the philosophy. If you choose the right [...]

Lettering Tattoos on Feet

Feminine Tattoos on Feet

Now, I am going to show some wonderful designs of tattoos on feet which will surely amaze your sight. It is obvious that to consider deeply before finally deciding to get the tattoo permanent is always important thing to do first. But I believe, if you are a true tattoo lover, you will never regret to have these tattoos on feet as the new sign on your body. In fact, [...]

World famous tattoo artists

Here are the five famous tattoo artists who have taken this form of art to its greatest heights. The word tattoo is believed to have two major derivations- from the Polynesian word-‘ta’ meaning ‘striking something’ and the Tahitian word-‘tatau’ means ‘to mark something’. The history of tattoos is about 5000 years old and is as diverse as the people who wear them. The Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, North Americans, South Americans, [...]

Japanese Koi Fish Girl Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Girl Sleeve Tattoos

I consider this next tattoo design as the most dilemmatic ones. How come? Well, it can give you a good appearance to your body, yet, also the opposite one as well. I am talking about girl sleeve tattoos. Most people still consider a girl with the sleeve tattoos as a bad girl in literal way. This impression is undeniable yet also silly. However, the dilemmatic problem has led many tattoo [...]

Anchor Tattoo for Women

The famous anchor tattoo designs

Anchor tattoo designs – The anchor tattoos are a classic among men. Take long ago earned a place in the gallery of popular tattoo designs and remain there forever. While it is a design that is directly related to offshore activities, so it is a classic among sailors, is elected by all kinds of people for their deep meaning. Anchor tattoo designs represent stability. Usually when a person chooses them [...]

MEANINGFUL TATTOOS: spot it, get a cool look

Meaningful tattoos – Be expressive! If this is what you want your style statement to be this summer, then spot a meaningful tattoo. Having a tattoo done will certainly give your actions and thoughts a vision and you will undeniably be able to flaunt your expressions through your tattooed arena. Getting a tattoo done has been in fashion for quite a time now and wearing meaningful tattoos will instil a [...]