Scorpion Hand Tattoos for Men

Awesome Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand Tattoos for Men – Hand is the most selected spot among the tattoo user. Men and women who really like tattoo will choose hand to apply the tattoo. Today we will give you the idea of Hand tattoos for men. This design will make you look great. You can choose your right or left hand. Choosing the right and left hand has the philosophy. If you choose the right [...]

Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoos

Lovely Wrist Tattoos for Woman and Couple

Until today, I still consider a woman with cute wrist tattoos as a representation of a modern and ideal type. The tattoo seems like a centerpiece for my eyes. I do believe that most of men will consider the same. If you are a beautiful and energetic woman who is considering to put a sweet painting on your body, then these cute wrist tattoos can be your number one alternative [...]

Rib Cage Tattoos pain

Rib cage tattoos

Rib cage tattoos – Rib cage tattoos, are those who are on one side of the body, in the area of the ribs. They are usually quite large designs, but that is not a standard. These are famous because they are extremely painful when being tattooed. This makes tattooing when the process is particularly painful and many do not endure it. In addition to pain, tattoos in this area are [...]

Cool Tattoo Lips for Neck

Cool Lipstick Tattoo Ideas

If you are a girl and looking for a tattoo that represents your feminine look and need to impress other people, especially your couple, then the lipstick tattoo is the best choice that you can put on your body. Let’s say that this symbol is actually the representation of good and naughty girl. However, you can also make it as a symbol of strong and independent woman. Since the shape [...]

green lips tatoo on neck

Lips Tattoo: The Latest Trend

Tattoos are no longer limited to tribes living in the remote areas. With the emergence of varying designs and symbols, tattoos are becoming popular day by day and quite understandably the popular art has crept into the mainstream of our culture. If you are browsing around and are looking for a range of Body Ink Art, you have every reason to get stumbled upon Lips Tattoo, the newest craze. People [...]

Praying Hands Tattoo Meaning

Praying hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo – Durer’s image from 1508, a brush drawing on blue paper, was never conceived as an independent work of art. She was only a sketch or preliminary study for an altarpiece, the Durer together with Matthias Grunewald commissioned by the patrician Jacob Heller designed, the Heller-Altar, which is now only preserved in part. The praying hands – is Durer’s own left hand, which he put on a [...]

Maori Tattoos for Women

Maori Tattoos: Indigenous Culture Revived

Best Maori tattoos Maori tattoos are significantly different from conventional tattoos. The skin, after the pigmentation is done, bears punctured grooves, which remain for the rest of the lifetime. Contrastingly, in conventional tattooing, the skin becomes smooth, like never before, within a week or so. The art of tattoo has been famous for several centuries. In fact, history suggests, tattoos have existed in almost all the primitive societies under the [...]