Praying Hands Tattoo Stencil

Praying hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo – Durer’s image from 1508, a brush drawing on blue paper, was never conceived as an independent work of art. She was only a sketch or preliminary study for an altarpiece, the Durer together with Matthias Grunewald commissioned by the patrician Jacob Heller designed, the Heller-Altar, which is now only preserved in part. The praying hands – is Durer’s own left hand, which he put on a [...]

World famous tattoo artists

Here are the five famous tattoo artists who have taken this form of art to its greatest heights. The word tattoo is believed to have two major derivations- from the Polynesian word-‘ta’ meaning ‘striking something’ and the Tahitian word-‘tatau’ means ‘to mark something’. The history of tattoos is about 5000 years old and is as diverse as the people who wear them. The Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, North Americans, South Americans, [...]

Cute Wrist Tattoos Tumblr

Lovely Wrist Tattoos for Woman and Couple

Until today, I still consider a woman with cute wrist tattoos as a representation of a modern and ideal type. The tattoo seems like a centerpiece for my eyes. I do believe that most of men will consider the same. If you are a beautiful and energetic woman who is considering to put a sweet painting on your body, then these cute wrist tattoos can be your number one alternative [...]

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos meaning

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos: Women Love Them

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos You are fed up with the same cliche symbols. You want a somewhat new and a fresh design for the tattoo. Then you can try the Hawaiian flower tattoos that are not cliche like rose and lilies. Hawaii is a beautiful island, popular for the exotic beaches, fresh air and natural bounty. People come here and spend a fair amount of time in delicious indolence. One gets [...]

Infinity Tattoo: Explore Different Possibilities

The word “infinity” means something that goes forever. There are many abstract ideas and feelings that go forever. It can be love that goes forever or strength or simply a memory that goes forever. Therefore, infinity tattoo refers to those tattoos that promote the feeling of love, strength and memory.  This tattoos are normally popular among the couples. It mirrors different shades of meaning and sensibilities. It strengthens the relationship [...]

Stupid Tattoos

Stupid tattoos

Stupid tattoos – For many people, tattoos are instruments to express an idea or to demonstrate love for something or someone, but like everything in life, there are good tattoos, bad tattoos and tattoos that are just stupid. And of course among famous people, the latter abound, so here is a list of 8 of what I consider the worst celebrity tattoos that exist: Megan Fox It is well known [...]