Praying Hands Tattoo Stencil

Praying hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo – Durer’s image from 1508, a brush drawing on blue paper, was never conceived as an independent work of art. She was only a sketch or preliminary study for an altarpiece, the Durer together with Matthias Grunewald commissioned by the patrician Jacob Heller designed, the Heller-Altar, which is now only preserved in part. The praying hands – is Durer’s own left hand, which he put on a [...]

Moon tattoos on Feet

Moon Tattoos: Tattoo Ideation Redefined?

Interesting Moon tattoos Tattoo designing has become the in-thing in the contemporary society. Considering the unprecedented popularity of this aspect, innumerable outlets providing the service have opened up almost everywhere. Tattoo designing is an art, which summons the aspects of creativity and imagination, in bulk. Looking into the aspect of tattoos from a different angle reveals substantial amount of predicaments that run through the minds of the customers. Most importantly, [...]

Native American Tattoos – all about this

Tattooing is an ancient art of wearing symbols, meant to express your personality, character or achievements.  People used to wear tattoos if they had won a battle, or if they did a particular job for the tribe. It marks the sense of brotherhood. Today, tattoos are the most popular form of body art. From celebrities to common man, everyone is wearing one. People are going for mixed tattoos, carrying over [...]

Arm Tattooed Women

Tattooed women, feel the change

Tattooed women, feel the change Want to change your look this season? Be cool; get cool tattoos done to get that extra fashion spark. Getting a tattoo done is a fabulous option in modern times and would certainly be an astounding experience.  Getting tattoos done all over the body is really in and would definitely be quite an eye candy. To curtail the daily monotone also, getting tattooed has always [...]

Butterfly Tattoos on Chest

Gorgeous Chest Tattoo Ideas

More people have now chosen to have tribal tattoos as their chest tattoo ideas. There must be reasons why people, even celebrities, choose to go with these tattoo ideas. The designs are actually quite complicated yet these are what people looking for. The more complicated the design the more interesting the tattoo is. In fact, the tribal chest tattoo ideas have more meanings for people. Many memorable backgrounds lead them [...]

Small tattoo ideas – be sleek

Choose a Small tattoo ideas Gone are those days when big sized tattoos were in. Today how sleek you make them appear, better it is. More and more customers wanting to get tattooed are always looking out for small tattoo ideas. The best part of such tattoo designs are that it enables you to hide the tattoo when you are at your workplace or at an official gathering. Although big [...]