Praying Hands Tattoo Stencil

Praying hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo – Durer’s image from 1508, a brush drawing on blue paper, was never conceived as an independent work of art. She was only a sketch or preliminary study for an altarpiece, the Durer together with Matthias Grunewald commissioned by the patrician Jacob Heller designed, the Heller-Altar, which is now only preserved in part. The praying hands – is Durer’s own left hand, which he put on a [...]

Nordic Tattoos Designs

Vikings and nodric culture inspirational tattoos ideas

Inspirational tattoos – People usually get tattoos to express a sense of connection to a concept, place, topic or culture. If you are a patriot proud of your Viking origin, amateur specialist mythology Norse sagas, or you just feel drawn to the rich Scandinavian history, a Viking style tattoo will be, for everyone to see, a sign of your loyalty to this fierce and fascinating culture. Odin Design a tattoo [...]

Guns Tattoos on Feet

Feminine Tattoos on Feet

Now, I am going to show some wonderful designs of tattoos on feet which will surely amaze your sight. It is obvious that to consider deeply before finally deciding to get the tattoo permanent is always important thing to do first. But I believe, if you are a true tattoo lover, you will never regret to have these tattoos on feet as the new sign on your body. In fact, [...]

Anchor Small Wrist Tattoos

Small Wrist Tattoos Design

Small Wrist Tattoos – The part of the body that can be applied by tattoo is wrist. You can try the small wrist tattoos for your next design. The wrist tattoo is very famous for men and women. There are various options for it. You can put the symbol and small design here. You can choose the symbol of your life and also ordinary symbol. You can put the animal [...]

Samurai Tattoos on Back

Samurai tattoos

Interesting samurai tattoos: history and images Samurai, the 11th century, serving as protective military rulers streams emerged as a class were responsible for providing security in times of peace in their area. In times of war, fought was as a soldier. Japanese society has created the most prestigious class of the samurai class in time. Samurai classes are divided among themselves. Lords and kings to slaves working in the service [...]

Tattoo quotes – wonderful ideas

Wonderful tattoo quotes Tattoos are wonderful medium to showcase one’s thoughts and expression. Not only the youngsters but also the elderly people are making the plunge to have a tattoo imprinted on their body. Maybe a cross or floral designs, tattoos are the best way to flaunt your fashion statement. Many stylish and sleek tattoo quotes are available in the market and one can choose according to one’s persona and [...]