Praying Hands Tattoo with Rosary

Praying hands tattoo

Praying hands tattoo – Durer’s image from 1508, a brush drawing on blue paper, was never conceived as an independent work of art. She was only a sketch or preliminary study for an altarpiece, the Durer together with Matthias Grunewald commissioned by the patrician Jacob Heller designed, the Heller-Altar, which is now only preserved in part. The praying hands – is Durer’s own left hand, which he put on a [...]

Finger tattoo ideas

Fabulous finger tattoo ideas Want to change your look this season? Join in the tattoo craze and get a finger tattoo done. Gone are those days when tattoos all over the body had caught the attention of tattoo enthusiasts. Today, small finger tattoos are quite in. One can browse the catalogues or talk to designers to get proper finger tattoo ideas. Even one can design their own simple ideas and get [...]

Tattoos of Stars

You want to do a tattoo but at a loss to choose a design. Certainly it happens. After all you want something special to baffle your peer groups. Choosing a design is the most important thing that requires an amount of understanding. Being in the dark about the design is not the right thing. While choosing a design, you must consider the meaning and significance of the design that you [...]

Tiger tattoos – symbol of kingship, passion

Despite the fact that the lion is recognized as the king of the jungle, the tiger always carries a distinct position for its strength, splendor and living style. The tiger symbolizes magnificence, liveliness and vitality and that has made it the most demanding among animal tattoos across the world. In fact, as far as the matter concerns, trendy animal tattoos, unsurprisingly, the tiger tattoos position them in the upper most [...]

Full Back Tattoos: The Ideal for The Beginners

Interesting Full back tattoos Chest apart, one of the broadest areas is the back of the body and that too looks good when a right design is made. Getting a tattoo inked on a body part has become a craze and younger generation loves to decorate their body in many ways. Certainly for several reasons full back tattoos have gained the spike among the tattoo lovers, both men and women [...]

How Much Do Tattoos Cost ?

How much do tattoos cost : answers One of the most frequently asked questions while getting tattoos is that “ how much do tattoos cost ?” And the answer to this question often determines whether one will get the tattoo inked or not. There are several factors upon which the pricing depends. Therefore, it is not an easy task to give an estimate. This article is intended to help you [...]