Footprints in the Sand Tattoo

Since time immemorial people have been celebrating a special occasion by getting tattoos done on their body parts. Across the cultures and civilizations people have used tattoos to decorate themselves in order to make a special moment memorable. To make the tattoo fresh, unique and personal what else can be better than footprints in the sand tattoo. In the ancient age people used to get a footprint tattoo on their [...]

Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos meaning

Sak Yant buddhist tattoos

Yantra – a thousand year old history, center of buddhist tattoos Sak Yant is the derivation of derived from the Sanskrit word yantra in the Thai language and stands for the jump (Sak), a religious motif that follows strict geometric shapes (Yant or Yantra).  That these sacred tattoos so clear and not clouded by modern influences were able to put into today, can be explained in part by the warlike [...]

Anchor Tattoo Designs for Men

The famous anchor tattoo designs

Anchor tattoo designs – The anchor tattoos are a classic among men. Take long ago earned a place in the gallery of popular tattoo designs and remain there forever. While it is a design that is directly related to offshore activities, so it is a classic among sailors, is elected by all kinds of people for their deep meaning. Anchor tattoo designs represent stability. Usually when a person chooses them [...]

Tribal Dragon Tattoos on Back

Tribal dragon tattoos

Due to the different connotations of the tribal, tribal dragons tattoos have become very popular within this style because it allows to change sizes, but mostly they prefer them big, covering all or much of his back, arms or legs, and by its meaning. The Dragons have been part of the mythology and folklore of various cultures and traditions. Frequently seen in oriental culture and when you make them how [...]

Skull Tattoo Designs on Arm

Skull tattoo designs

Skull tattoo designs – Tattoos skull of a wide set of symbolic values, depending on how the skull is used. There are many ways of skull tattoo images, in combination with flowers, snakes, with hearts for eyes, allowing creating a sinister (frightening) and sweet (playful) image. Skull such a universal character which is depending on the associated elements may be used in any interpretation. Previously, skull tattoo designs were worn [...]

Sailor Jerry tattoos – get a fabulous look

If you happen to be a sailor Jerry tattoos fan, then you must already be aware of the amazing piece of tattoos which he had gifted to the world. But if you are not, then get it quite clear that these tattoos are amongst the best in the tattoo making industry. These superb tattoos provide you a marvellous opportunity to display your fashion style and can really put you among [...]