full knuckle tattoos for men

Knuckle tattoos: best designs

Knuckle tattoos - Which body part is most attractive to you? Is it your feet? Your hips? Your back? What about the neck? There are certainly parts of your body with which you are most satisfied. Anyway, any part of the body is decorated with tons of sensuality. Did you know that you can even make your ankle more appealing? You read that right. With a tattoo on the ankle [...]

Native American Tattoos – all about this

Tattooing is an ancient art of wearing symbols, meant to express your personality, character or achievements.  People used to wear tattoos if they had won a battle, or if they did a particular job for the tribe. It marks the sense of brotherhood. Today, tattoos are the most popular form of body art. From celebrities to common man, everyone is wearing one. People are going for mixed tattoos, carrying over [...]

MEANINGFUL TATTOOS: spot it, get a cool look

Meaningful tattoos – Be expressive! If this is what you want your style statement to be this summer, then spot a meaningful tattoo. Having a tattoo done will certainly give your actions and thoughts a vision and you will undeniably be able to flaunt your expressions through your tattooed arena. Getting a tattoo done has been in fashion for quite a time now and wearing meaningful tattoos will instil a [...]

Wolf Tattoo designs: best

Of the infinite tattoo designs, there is none more prominent than the wolf tattoo designs. It is legendary, powerful, interesting. A wolf tattoo can be picturesque, awe inspiring, compelling. Since a wolf is said to attach to both negative and positive forces, a wolf tattoo can carry many meanings at a time. There are a huge number of wolf patterns based on different emotions and symbolism, from various mythologies and [...]

Yin Yang Tattoos – What They Symbolize

There are varieties of designs that can be considered to get inked on the body part. The Yin Yang tattoos are becoming incredibly popular these days. They are everywhere. The name Yin Yang tattoos bears a significant implication. The design is a combination of black and white. The black side is called Yin and the white side Yang. They are opposites; therefore, they bear exactly opposite implications. But there is [...]

Rib Cage Tattoos pain

Rib cage tattoos

Rib cage tattoos – Rib cage tattoos, are those who are on one side of the body, in the area of the ribs. They are usually quite large designs, but that is not a standard. These are famous because they are extremely painful when being tattooed. This makes tattooing when the process is particularly painful and many do not endure it. In addition to pain, tattoos in this area are [...]