knuckle tattoos with diamond

Knuckle tattoos: best designs

Knuckle tattoos - Which body part is most attractive to you? Is it your feet? Your hips? Your back? What about the neck? There are certainly parts of your body with which you are most satisfied. Anyway, any part of the body is decorated with tons of sensuality. Did you know that you can even make your ankle more appealing? You read that right. With a tattoo on the ankle [...]

Wing Tattoos meaning

Wing tattoos – the simple tattoos

Wing tattoos Choosing a pattern for a tattoo is very difficult since it is still engraved on your body for life. Wing tattoos is particularly one of the most adopted by young people around the world. In general, this type of tattoo is done back to fully embrace the symbolic base attached to it. Meaning of wing tattoos In general, the reason for the appeal of the wing tattoo remains [...]

Number and Stars Chest Tattoos for Men

Cool Chest Tattoos for Men 2013

Chest Tattoos for Men – Being masculine is a dream for every man in this Planet Earth. In my opinion, there are actually various definitions of masculine and ways of achieving it. One of the simplest ways is through having cool chest tattoos for men. The tattoos are truly stunning and even will give you magnificent effects for your muscles and body shape. There are various masculine tattoo designs and [...]

Dog Tattoos on Leg

Dog Tattoos: Look for the Best Sites

Best Dog Tattoos Certainly fashion is becoming trendy day by day. Someone comes up with a unique idea and others blindly follow it. Why don’t people try to do something different? As after all, your style statement reflects your personality and accentuates your taste and sense of aesthetics. Sure enough you will do justice with your style statement if you try something grand like dog tattoos. Well, the most common [...]

Lily tattoos – all about this tattoos

Flowers are nice to look at and bring color to the environment. Similarly, a flower tattoo can bring color and youthfulness to your body art. Although originally considered feminine, more and more people are opting for a flower tattoo. One of the beautiful flower tattoos that you may want to consider are the lily tattoos. Although the lily tattoos are not considered to be the mainstream tattoo, they are still [...]

Side Tattoos for Women Enhancing Their Sex Appeal!

Side Tattoos for Women Tattoos are meant to enhance our physical beauty. On the other hand, women are indeed beautiful. They are as such one of the most attractive creations of Mother Nature. Thus, it is most obvious that when women adore their lovely bodies with tattoos, it only increases their feminine appeal. Of late, tattoo designing has gained unprecedented prominence in the society. People, irrespective of gender and age, [...]