full knuckle tattoos for men

Knuckle tattoos: best designs

Knuckle tattoos - Which body part is most attractive to you? Is it your feet? Your hips? Your back? What about the neck? There are certainly parts of your body with which you are most satisfied. Anyway, any part of the body is decorated with tons of sensuality. Did you know that you can even make your ankle more appealing? You read that right. With a tattoo on the ankle [...]

Diamond tattoo on Shoulder

The symbol of diamond tattoo designs

Diamond tattoo designs: best The diamond tattoo designs are unique in look very beautiful and exotic at the same time keeping a millennial meaning related to different cultures. More than anything it was an amulet for good fortune at the time of the fighting and its meaning comes from the Greek and means invincible. First of all, to know the great symbolism of diamonds we must go back many years [...]

Amazing Small Wrist Tattoos for Men

Small Wrist Tattoos Design

Small Wrist Tattoos – The part of the body that can be applied by tattoo is wrist. You can try the small wrist tattoos for your next design. The wrist tattoo is very famous for men and women. There are various options for it. You can put the symbol and small design here. You can choose the symbol of your life and also ordinary symbol. You can put the animal [...]

Feather Tattoos for Feet

Feminine Tattoos on Feet

Now, I am going to show some wonderful designs of tattoos on feet which will surely amaze your sight. It is obvious that to consider deeply before finally deciding to get the tattoo permanent is always important thing to do first. But I believe, if you are a true tattoo lover, you will never regret to have these tattoos on feet as the new sign on your body. In fact, [...]

Tribal Dragon Tattoos on Breast

Tribal dragon tattoos

Due to the different connotations of the tribal, tribal dragons tattoos have become very popular within this style because it allows to change sizes, but mostly they prefer them big, covering all or much of his back, arms or legs, and by its meaning. The Dragons have been part of the mythology and folklore of various cultures and traditions. Frequently seen in oriental culture and when you make them how [...]

MEANINGFUL TATTOOS: spot it, get a cool look

Meaningful tattoos – Be expressive! If this is what you want your style statement to be this summer, then spot a meaningful tattoo. Having a tattoo done will certainly give your actions and thoughts a vision and you will undeniably be able to flaunt your expressions through your tattooed arena. Getting a tattoo done has been in fashion for quite a time now and wearing meaningful tattoos will instil a [...]