musical knuckle tattoos for all

Knuckle tattoos: best designs

Knuckle tattoos - Which body part is most attractive to you? Is it your feet? Your hips? Your back? What about the neck? There are certainly parts of your body with which you are most satisfied. Anyway, any part of the body is decorated with tons of sensuality. Did you know that you can even make your ankle more appealing? You read that right. With a tattoo on the ankle [...]

Yin Yang Tattoos – What They Symbolize

There are varieties of designs that can be considered to get inked on the body part. The Yin Yang tattoos are becoming incredibly popular these days. They are everywhere. The name Yin Yang tattoos bears a significant implication. The design is a combination of black and white. The black side is called Yin and the white side Yang. They are opposites; therefore, they bear exactly opposite implications. But there is [...]

Spine Tattoos: Redefined Version of Art

What else can be the best form if not the tattoo? Certainly spine tattoos are one of the natural choices when it comes to body art. The tattoo is mainly a traditional form of art which is quite in practice among the tribes. Even a few years ago tattoos used to be considered for the bad guys. People who used to have tattoos were supposed to be ruffians. However, with [...]

Tattoo quotes – wonderful ideas

Wonderful tattoo quotes Tattoos are wonderful medium to showcase one’s thoughts and expression. Not only the youngsters but also the elderly people are making the plunge to have a tattoo imprinted on their body. Maybe a cross or floral designs, tattoos are the best way to flaunt your fashion statement. Many stylish and sleek tattoo quotes are available in the market and one can choose according to one’s persona and [...]

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Best friend tattoo ideas Perhaps no other relation is stronger than friendship. Relations form and break for multiple reasons but a genuine friendship lasts forever. Love, affection, trust and understanding are the basic constituents of friendship without which no friendship can survive. A friend in need is a friend indeed and what else can be a better idea than to celebrate friendship by getting a tattoo inked on the most [...]

Infinity Tattoo: Explore Different Possibilities

The word “infinity” means something that goes forever. There are many abstract ideas and feelings that go forever. It can be love that goes forever or strength or simply a memory that goes forever. Therefore, infinity tattoo refers to those tattoos that promote the feeling of love, strength and memory.  This tattoos are normally popular among the couples. It mirrors different shades of meaning and sensibilities. It strengthens the relationship [...]