Buddhist Tattoos on Back

Sak Yant buddhist tattoos

Yantra – a thousand year old history, center of buddhist tattoos Sak Yant is the derivation of derived from the Sanskrit word yantra in the Thai language and stands for the jump (Sak), a religious motif that follows strict geometric shapes (Yant or Yantra).  That these sacred tattoos so clear and not clouded by modern influences were able to put into today, can be explained in part by the warlike [...]

MEANINGFUL TATTOOS: spot it, get a cool look

Meaningful tattoos – Be expressive! If this is what you want your style statement to be this summer, then spot a meaningful tattoo. Having a tattoo done will certainly give your actions and thoughts a vision and you will undeniably be able to flaunt your expressions through your tattooed arena. Getting a tattoo done has been in fashion for quite a time now and wearing meaningful tattoos will instil a [...]

Lower Back Tattoos Butterfly

Lower Back Tattoos: The Latest Fashion Icon

Wondeful Lower back tattoos Even a few years ago the concept of tattoo was believed to be a thing of cheap ruffians. The so called ‘conservative world’ has never dealt with tattoos. However, time has changed. The tattoo has become one of the significant style statements in the due course of time. In recent times the one and only iconic style statement that has taken the fashion world by storm [...]

Maori Tattoos for Men

Maori Tattoos: Indigenous Culture Revived

Best Maori tattoos Maori tattoos are significantly different from conventional tattoos. The skin, after the pigmentation is done, bears punctured grooves, which remain for the rest of the lifetime. Contrastingly, in conventional tattooing, the skin becomes smooth, like never before, within a week or so. The art of tattoo has been famous for several centuries. In fact, history suggests, tattoos have existed in almost all the primitive societies under the [...]

Buddha Girl Tattoo Sleeves

Cool Girl Sleeve Tattoos

I consider this next tattoo design as the most dilemmatic ones. How come? Well, it can give you a good appearance to your body, yet, also the opposite one as well. I am talking about girl sleeve tattoos. Most people still consider a girl with the sleeve tattoos as a bad girl in literal way. This impression is undeniable yet also silly. However, the dilemmatic problem has led many tattoo [...]

Finger tattoo ideas

Fabulous finger tattoo ideas Want to change your look this season? Join in the tattoo craze and get a finger tattoo done. Gone are those days when tattoos all over the body had caught the attention of tattoo enthusiasts. Today, small finger tattoos are quite in. One can browse the catalogues or talk to designers to get proper finger tattoo ideas. Even one can design their own simple ideas and get [...]